Born on the rugged coast of Victoria, we’re wild in spirit, but grounded in consciousness.
We’ve gathered the finest organic materials to create an ethical collection of contemporary and timeless pieces that will transcend trends. Your go-to's that are made to last, ready to be effortlessly woven into your everyday.
These essentials connect you to the elements.

Only sustainable practices are used, from concept to store.

We pride ourselves on our transparent and ethical processes. Our use of Fair trade organic cotton ensures the best return for local farmers, and we’re committed to safe working conditions while giving back to the surrounding communities.

To minimise our footprint, a rainwater harvesting system puts the water back into the earth, and we use solar energy. Our o -cuts are devoted to new products, and we use natural processes in place of harmful substances. There’s no unnecessary usage - we won’t print catalogues and all our swing tags are made from recycled materials.

It’s our gift back to the environment and our nostalgic seaside beginnings.