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New Year, New Goals

Posted: Feb 28 2017

So were nearly into the 3rd month of the “New Year” and I have realised that I haven’t exactly achieved many of my New Year, New Me goals. Am I beating myself up about it? No. Am I just going to give up on them? No way!

However one goal we did set out to achieve at Youanme was to fill our shelves with all things Natural, Organic, Vegan, and ethically & sustainably made. You asked and we have listened.

Were all about natural beauty, natural skincare and natural products for your home.

We use these products daily and can hand on heart say that they are amazing!

Here are a few of my favourite products –

Brow Set Blonde TMF - for on fleek brows in seconds!

Face Tan Water – Eco Tan - this stuff is amazing for giving your face a beautiful glow & helping with adult acne. Something I still experience at 32... doh.

Lime Descaler – Pure Home Body - My shower screen is the worst for soap scum build up & this stuff literally wipes it away in minutes!

Youanme is a lifestyle boutique full of natural beauty & home care, fashion and beautiful gifts.


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